Friends of Creamer's Field provides a venue for community involvement through education programs, signature events and guided interpretive nature walks. Our programs focus on the natural ecology of the refuge and the history of Creamer's Dairy.

All Programs are Free of charge. Donations are appreciated.

Hey Students and Families! Interested in some late summer learning at Creamer's Field? Check out these activity packets and bird guides that were put together by ADF&G Wildlife Biologist, Mark Ross. Feel free to print them out and bring them to the refuge!

Fall Bird Guide 2020

Late Summer Discoveries 2020

Local falconers are heading to the refuge with their birds this time of year! Check out this video Q&A with Bennett Wong, Camp Habitat Director and local falconer.

Have any questions about Sandhill Cranes and why they come to Creamer's Field? Get all your questions answered in this video Q&A with Mark Ross, an ADF&G Wildlife Biologist here at the refuge!